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Please make an appointment for an initial consultation via email.

The initial consultation can be made for a patient of 3 months or older.
During this initial consultation, the whole procedure will be explained in detail using images.

You can also make the appointment for the future reconstruction surgery at the time of this initial consultation. The booking for surgery is very crowded and thus you might wait at least 1 year to have the surgery. (The auricular reconstruction surgery is generally performed at the age of 10 years and the chest circumference of the patient must be at least 60 cm at the time of surgery.)


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◆Mar. 10, 2017 Updated:
Clinic Closed on the following dates:
Sep. 25 (Mon) 2017,
Oct. 4 (Wed) 2017, and
Oct. 7 (Sat) 2017.
◆Mar. 10, 2017 Updated:
Attending the following Meetings:
ISAR (Beijing, China) from Sep. 22 to Sep 24, 2017
and ASPS (Florida, USA) from Oct. 6 to Oct. 10, 2017.
◆Nov. 4, 2016 updated: Clinic outpatient service will be closed on Jan. 30 (Mon), Feb. 22 (Wed) and Feb. 25 (Sat), 2017.
◆Jun. 11, 2016 updated: Clinic closed from Sep. 21 (Wed.) to Sep. 24 (Sat.) 2016 for attending ASPS meeting in the U.S.
◆May 14, 2016 updated: Clinic closed on Oct. 8 (Sat.) 2016 for delivering a lecture at Aichi Gakuin University.
◆Oct. 30, 2015 updated: Clinic outpatient service will be closed from Dec. 27 (Sunday), 2015 to Jan. 3 (Sunday), 2016 for year-end & new-year holidays.
◆Aug. 7, 2015 updated: Clinic outpatient service will be closed on Sep. 14 (Mon), Oct. 14 (Wed.) and Oct. 17 (Sat.) 2015 for attending meetings in Japan and the U.S.
◆Apr. 16, 2015 updated: Clinic closed from Oct. 14 (Wed.) to Oct. 18 (Sun.) 2015 for attending ASPS meeting in the U.S.

Reconstruuction Nagata Method

Accuracy evaluation on proportions of the reconstructed auricle / microtia surgery.

To reconstruct an auricle that will not melt

Microtia surgery without pain or deformity in the chest

Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthtics Surgery

Clinic Appointment

Academic exchange with doctors from overseas